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Guided therapy in a supportive space.

We listen to you, explore together, and find treatments that work for you. 

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You're one conversation away from better pelvic health.

Let’s create an action plan to help you achieve your personal goals, reclaim your dignity and regain control.

Holistic recovery begins in a comfortable, supportive space.

Our space is the opposite of traditional outpatient physical therapy offices. It is designed to be a comfortable, private, and supportive space for discussion, exercise, and movement exploration guided by our clinical experts.

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Meet our Clinicians.

Our physical therapists are with you throughout every step of your journey, helping you feel better, stronger, and more confident every day.

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What Our Clients
Are Saying

Emily is very gifted at what she does and I’m so thankful for all that she’s done to support me in strengthening my pelvic floor. I specifically appreciate her athletic background and knowledge, because as an athlete (& mom) myself, having someone help me who understands all the ways in which I like to move to be healthy, is an exceptional bonus. If you’re an athlete and/or mom looking for support in this area, 10/10 would recommend. 


Keesha was very personable and professional. She explained everything she was doing and why she wanted to examine various areas. She also was very practical and sensitive to my body's needs, starting me on exercises that were simple and easy for my body to handle in addition to not overexerting my body in the initial examination. She also communicated very well with a follow-up email listing all the exercises she had explained during the session. 


Karen really listened to my story and worked together with me to come up with a plan for my postpartum pain. She was very knowledgeable and explained what was going on with my body using visuals to help me understand. Karen made me feel very comfortable and in just three short sessions I was feeling much better overall! I will definitely be seeing Karen again once I am pregnant with my next. Would highly recommend to anyone!

My friend recommended that I check this place out after dealing with some symptoms that, while weren't devastating, were truly annoying. Meeting Emily was fantastic. Her facility is so warm and welcoming, and she truly tailors her practice to your unique needs. I recommend her to everyone with two X chromosomes that I know!


I saw Dr. Keesha.  She was kind, sensitive, knowledgeable, flexible with my schedule, and communicated clearly.  I went to her hoping to solve the incontinence I was experiencing during running, sneezing, and jumping (after having babies).  With some simple, customized exercises I have been able to accomplish those goals in just a few weeks.  Definitely recommend to moms who are experiencing this!  I am back to running without incident and just jumped on the trampoline with my 4-year old with no problems.


I highly recommend Emily Wilson. I went to see her following my twin birth as I was afraid to do many workouts because of an ab separation after carrying twins full term. After working with Emily, I have the confidence to do core workouts, strength training, and basically getting back to the workouts I did before. I know what precautions to take and how to recognize when I need to choose the modifier in a workout. I was nearly 3 years postpartum when I saw Emily, and I can tell you from personal experience that it is never too late to start taking care of yourself again after having children. 


Emily Wilson and New Seasons PT is someone you want in your corner. She is an incredible resource, advocate, and friendly face. Her Birthwise program was a huge help to me, and when she followed up and found out I was having a hard time with nursing she gave me specific resources to find a solution. Emily Wilson has a holistic perspective, and wants to see you thrive. She is a life-long asset for any woman, and I can't recommend her and her practice highly enough.


Dr. Keesha was such a blessing to our family. Our 4 years old our daughter struggled for 3 years with chronic constipation, failure to gain weight, refusal to eat and reflux. We had countless visits with a gastroenterologist and a full medical work up. We tried everything including feeding therapy, occupational therapy, suppositories and too many bowel clean outs. At 4 years old we were feeling hopeless. Keesha was the first to notice that Lydia was not engaging her abdominal muscles or using her upper body. Once we conquered those skills, she learned to use her muscles to poop and sit at the table. She stopped holding her poop, she stopped curling up in pain and vomiting, and she became one with her body. Best of all she potty trained within 6 months (at 4 1/2) and absolutely loved going to “exercise class.” We graduated therapy and are healthy, happy and growing. Sometimes finding the right person makes all the difference.

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