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Bowel Incontinence

A woman with bowel incontinence holding her stomach in the park.

When you have bowel incontinence, it can be life-altering. You plan your day around it and may choose to avoid certain activities. You have probably tried a lot of things to help and maybe have even begun to give up hope. 

When we have the privilege to help someone with this we are truly honored as we know opening up about this problem can sometimes take years. But wow, when you start to improve your bowel health a whole new world can open up. 

There are many factors that can contribute to bowel leakage and we need to figure out the reason(s) you are experiencing this.

In the clinic, we tend to see bowel incontinence due to the following reasons: 

  1. Sometimes constipation is actually the reason as liquid stool begins to seep around a solid mass of stool stored in the rectum. This can alter the ability of the anal sphincter to close tightly when it needs to. So in this case it may sound strange but pooping more and more completely is actually the solution to having less stool leakage. 
  2. Sometimes there is a dietary or stress factor that changes the texture of your stool. Working to address this does require some trial and error but dont worry we will be with you throughout the process. 
  3. Sometimes someone’s lack of of daily routine can be contributory or sometimes it is fixation on a strict daily routine. Either way, if you are willing, we will try something different to mix it up and your bowel may thank you. 
  4. And finally you may need some strength or coordination training to your pelvic floor and anal sphincter. We have several options with this and together will decide on an effective method that you are comfortable with.

If you are considering getting help with bowel incontinence for the first time, please give New Seasons a call.

Our private and welcoming clinic is the perfect space to begin to have some of these potentially challenging conversations. If you are close to giving up hope on this because you have tried multiple therapies then please, please, please give us a call. There may be something that was missed with previous approaches and we would love to figure that out together.

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I was referred to Emily Wilson by my rectal surgeon. After years of dysfunction, I showed up in Emily’s office very discouraged. I thought I was in for 2-3 X’s of therapy a week, for weeks. In just the first appointment Emily taught me some exercises and changed my food regimen, and I had so much improvement! Emily made it easy to talk about usually embarrassing (to me) topics. Some things that Emily did that were really different than any other medical practitioner that I have had was an initial very thorough pre-appointment phone call and pre-appointment goals for each appointment…this saved so much time in the actual appointment and helped ensure that I wouldn’t forget anything I wanted to talk about. After the appointments she sent an email summarizing everything covered with any additional information that she mentioned she would link me to. I highly recommend her! She has changed my life!
- CD
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About the Doctor

Emily Wilson

With 13 years of experience in pelvic health, Dr. Emily brings a wealth of clinical knowledge to get to what matters faster. She offers compassionate care to adults, addressing a wide range of pelvic health conditions. Whether it’s optimizing your health before or after a hysterectomy, managing urinary incontinence, addressing bowel irregularities, dealing with pelvic organ prolapse or diastasis recti, or guiding you through pre and postnatal fitness, she is here for you.