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Female Athletes

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Empowering female athletes to thrive.

The participation of female adolescents in sports is on the rise, and an increasing number of women are continuing to prioritize athletics as they grow older. We find this shift to be incredibly exciting, and we are here to support these females. If you are involved in athletics, we want to help you be your best.

As pelvic health specialists, we have advanced training to provide comprehensive support specifically tailored to female athletes. We will help you or your child better understand changes to the female body that occur in the female body during puberty and how these changes impact training and performance. The menstrual cycle can be a vital training tool and should be well understood by female athletes in order to achieve optimal results.

As physical therapists, we deeply respect the importance of movement and will guide you on your journey to discovering how your body performs at its best. We will spend time observing your movement and engaging in the athletic skills that you prioritize. Working together, we will determine the strategies that allow you to excel in these skills. Your personalized plan may include positional changes that work better at this time, specific strengthening and mobility exercises, adjustments in breath mechanics and/or muscle contractions during sports activities.

While we can offer significant support to female athletes, we acknowledge that top performance requires a team of professionals. We highly value collaborative care and will provide resources to help you connect with local dieticians, chiropractors, healthcare providers, mental performance coaches, and fellow physical therapists.

We specialize in assisting female athletes with various concerns, including:

  • Pelvic organ prolapse (POP)
  • Bowel issues related to athletics
  • Pelvic pain during athletic activities
  • Young female athletes’ unique needs

We are dedicated to empowering female athletes and helping them thrive in their athletic pursuits.

About the Doctor

Keesha Shankle

With 8 years of experience in both pelvic health and orthopedics, Dr. Keesha works with you to develop a realistic and personalized plan centered around your goals. She finds joy in assisting various individuals, including teens seeking support in competitive sports, addressing urine leaks, helping those struggling with pelvic pain, supporting adults in reaching their fitness goals, and aiding young children with constipation or toilet training challenges.