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In-Person vs. Virtual Sessions – How do I want to receive my care?

A woman is receiving care for Pelvic Health Physical Therapy.

With the acceptance of virtual meetings as normal and the ease of use of virtual platforms, this improves access to Pelvic Health Physical Therapy (PT) services. At New Seasons, we offer appointment options that aren’t offered by traditional Physical Therapy clinics in order to best fit into your busy schedule. 


Think of the traditional in-person visits to a clinic where your PT works with you one-on-one. See our post What IS Pelvic Health PT and What Does It Look Like? for a detailed description of what an in-person Pelvic Health PT evaluation looks like.


This is a video appointment with your PT that does not require you to travel to the clinic.

  • Evaluation: similar to an in-person evaluation that begins mostly with talking about your condition, how it is affecting your day-to-day, and what your goals are. Your PT won’t be able to perform a hands-on assessment virtually. Instead, you might be asked to perform specific movements or you might be guided through a self-examination depending on your comfort level. 
  • Treatment: Similar to in-person visits, but now you’re on camera in your own environment instead of in the clinic using our space and equipment. This type of visit can be great for check-ins that don’t require too much hands-on cueing from your therapist.

If you live far from a provider or have other life stressors or responsibilities that do not make in-person PT sessions an option, virtual visits might be a great option for you. This is also a good option for those instances where sickness does not allow for in-person sessions but you don’t want to miss a beat with treatment.


This appointment type is available for those who are postpartum and want to get a head start on recovery. When you schedule this appointment, a Physical Therapist will travel to your home, perform a basic assessment, assist with body positioning during baby care to prevent aches and pains and start you on safe, gentle exercises such as pelvic floor and core reconnection and mid-back stretching. 

If you’d like a follow-up appointment after the in-home evaluation, you can schedule a subsequent at-home treatment session. After being cleared at your postpartum follow-up with the doctor, schedule an in-person evaluation for pelvic floor assessment to continue your recovery plan.

Mix and Match Appointment Scheduling Options

Just like how your Pelvic Health PT will create an individualized treatment program catered to your specific needs, you can personalize the method in which you receive care. It is not uncommon to experience all 3 visit types within a course of Pelvic Health PT.

We’re here to work with you during every step of your journey whether it’s fitness and athletics, pregnancy through postpartum, pre-surgical education and strengthening to improve surgical outcomes, pre or post-prostatectomy, sexual dysfunction, or there’s pain or something else going on in an area of the body that’s uncomfortable to talk about.

Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and whether Pelvic Health PT is right for you or schedule an evaluation with one of our talented Pelvic Health PTs.

About the Doctor

Karen Timm-Lenning

Dr. Karen’s mission is to provide education, treatment, and support for your unique musculoskeletal and pelvic floor needs. Whether you’re considering pregnancy, currently pregnant, immediately postpartum, or in the continued postpartum years, she’s here to equip you with the tools to address your body changes, optimize your function, and enable you to lead a strong and unrestricted life.