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Pelvic Pain

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Supporting you on your journey to pain-free living.

Is pain in your pelvis, low back, hips, or vulvar region holding you back? We are dedicated to helping you gain a better understanding of this pain and the anatomy involved. Pelvic pain can be complex, but it can be overcome. We will work with you to discover movements that provide relief, activities that bring joy, and touch that feels safe. When you are in pain, your nervous system responds, often resulting in heightened sensitivity. Unfortunately, this heightened sensitivity may persist, leaving your body in a state of tension and fear. This oftentimes leads to a continued cycle of pain and normal pain responses. The good news is that there are ways to restore normal nervous system sensitivity. Nerves respond positively to touch and movement. To return to a balanced state, we introduce safe and calming input through consistent, short bouts of touch or movement at least seven times a day. We will work with you to find touch and movement options that work best for you. Bringing joy to your body is a powerful and healing experience. When we work with you to understand and reduce your pain, your treatment will be tailored to meet your unique needs. Your story is unique, and you will have different factors contributing to your pain compared to someone else. We will listen to you and work in partnership to address the various factors impacting your pain. As we gain insight into the negative factors affecting your body, we also strive to understand the positive factors that have previously or are currently influencing your well-being. By creating personalized plans rooted in activities that bring joy to your body, you will experience more significant results.

If you are struggling with any of the following issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help:

  • Pain during sex
  • Pain while using tampons or cups
  • Experiencing UTI symptoms, with negative UTI results
  • Hip, back, or pelvic pain throughout the day
We are here to support you on your journey to pain-free living.
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"It's taken me a long time to be able to share my story but with the help that Dr. Keesha Shankle gave me I think it's worth telling. I've had pelvic floor issues all my life and so much pain has come from it-not only physically but emotionally. When I started seeing Keesha in January my whole life changed. She was able to help me reach my goals and made me feel so comfortable with the entire process. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the work we did together. I cannot recommend this place enough."
- KD
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About the Doctor

Keesha Shankle

With 8 years of experience in both pelvic health and orthopedics, Dr. Keesha works with you to develop a realistic and personalized plan centered around your goals. She finds joy in assisting various individuals, including teens seeking support in competitive sports, addressing urine leaks, helping those struggling with pelvic pain, supporting adults in reaching their fitness goals, and aiding young children with constipation or toilet training challenges.