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Pre and Post Hysterectomy Care

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Optimize your recovery and embrace the possibilities ahead.

Did you know that hysterectomy is the second most common surgery performed on reproductive-age women in the U.S., following cesarean section? It’s true! Although the rates of this surgery are declining because of better conservative treatments, it is still a super common surgery. Hysterectomy is a significant surgery, yet many individuals fail to adequately prepare for it and are often taken by surprise due to the physical and emotional effects. The majority of hysterectomies are performed on women aged 40 to 50, which is a pivotal stage in life. Our point is this: you have a whole lot of amazing life to live after a hysterectomy. Let’s ensure that this time is not spent feeling confused, scared, or limited by your body. We specialize in helping individuals develop a comprehensive plan to optimize healing and recovery so they can get back to doing what they love with confidence.

We offer various ways to support you throughout the process, including:


  • Abdominal massage
  • Total body strength training programs
  • Pelvic floor muscle training programs
  • Bowel optimization
  • Exploring ways to ensure you feel safe and supported on the day of your surgery, enabling you to advocate for your needs
  • Post-operative planning for the first four weeks, including arrangements for cooking, cleaning, and other household tasks

After surgery:

  • Breathwork techniques
  • Hands-on work around scars
  • Pelvic floor muscle training
  • Dilator therapy to maintain vaginal length and flexibility
  • Smart return to exercise programs
  • Guidance on things like when doing a bathroom demo is a go and when you may need to call in some reinforcements
Our clients that have received this care couldn’t be happier. They report feeling confident about their exercise and daily function rather than second-guessing everything or pushing beyond their capabilities.  We prioritize your well-being and strive to empower you during the healing journey after hysterectomy. Let us help you regain confidence, optimize your recovery, and embrace the incredible possibilities that lie ahead.
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"She is one of the few people that I ever spoke to about my “situation.” Other male doctors had laughed at me, gave me rude comments and made me feel degraded. Emily Wilson’s approach is respectful, caring and kind. She is gracious, professional and personable. She gave me hope and the tools for me to make positive changes for a better future! I will always be grateful to Emily and would highly recommend her."
- JW
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About the Doctor

Emily Wilson

With 13 years of experience in pelvic health, Dr. Emily brings a wealth of clinical knowledge to get to what matters faster. She offers compassionate care to adults, addressing a wide range of pelvic health conditions. Whether it’s optimizing your health before or after a hysterectomy, managing urinary incontinence, addressing bowel irregularities, dealing with pelvic organ prolapse or diastasis recti, or guiding you through pre and postnatal fitness, she is here for you.