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Feel better, stronger, and more confident every day.

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Throughout the year at New Seasons we offer ongoing classes and stand alone events with a focus on optimizing pelvic health and doing fun and creative things to connect our community. We also try our best to let you know about events that our collaborators are hosting. You can find an event calendar here. 


We value providing care and knowledge that is soundly based on biomechanical, physiological and pain science principles. As you read through these articles, you will learn more about our approach to working with specific conditions. You may be surprised about the breadth of diagnoses we can help with. Please share these articles with friends and family who may be suffering from one or more of these symptoms. 

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Education & Exercise Videos

Our clients benefit from access to a library of exercise videos to educate and assist them in completing their home practices. BirthWise education is located here now and available at no additional cost to current clients. Please feel free to view all videos that interest you, but remember that your therapist has selected specific exercises for you to complete based on your symptoms and stage of healing. 

Trusted Collaborators

Since opening our doors in 2017 we have come to know many wonderful healthcare providers in our community and consider ourselves matchmakers when it comes to finding the right specialist, midwife or doula team. Sometimes your solution will come by working with a team of professionals.   

We do our best to keep this list up to date so please let us know if you run into any snags.

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You're one conversation away from better pelvic health.

Let’s create an action plan to help you achieve your personal goals, reclaim your dignity and regain control.

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