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Exercises you can do at home to improve your pelvic health.

Two women utilizing exercise resources by sitting on an exercise ball in a room.

Our clients benefit from access to a library of exercise videos to educate and assist them in completing their home practices. BirthWise education is located here now and available at no additional cost to current clients. Please feel free to view all videos that interest you, but remember that your therapist has selected specific exercises for you to complete based on your symptoms and stage of healing. 

Free Access Videos
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Valsalva described
Valsalva described
Cat cow with pelvic floor cue
Cat cow with pelvic floor cue
Breathing. No you are not doing it wrong.
Breathing. No you are not doing it wrong.

Our Exercise Video Library is a client benefit.

Clients, enter the password you’ve been given below. If you need a password, please reach out. If you are interested in becoming a client, please schedule a free consultation.