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Urinary Incontinence

A woman experiencing urinary incontinence stands on a bed, grasping her stomach.

Regain control and improve your quality of life.

We specialize in helping individuals dealing with two primary types of urinary incontinence or leakage. The first type is called urge incontinence, which often occurs when you find yourself rushing to the toilet after a morning out running errands or sometimes when you are out on the trail and don’t have time to drop trow because there is a hiking group headed your way. Urge incontinence typically involves a significant loss of urine, sometimes even requiring a change of clothes.

The second type we frequently encounter is known as stress incontinence. With stress incontinence, the pelvic floor muscle fails to coordinate contractions adequately to meet the increased pressure caused by activities such as coughing or landing from a box jump. While leaks in stress incontinence tend to happen in smaller volumes, it’s not always the case.

It’s not uncommon to experience a combination of both types, referred to as mixed incontinence. When this occurs, people often feel the need to urinate frequently just in case, which can cause certain aspects of their lives to be dictated by proximity to a toilet. It doesn’t have to be this way. We have successfully helped individuals of all ages eliminate this problem from their lives.

Many factors contribute to urine leakage, and our primary focus is assisting you in sorting through them and working on what really matters. Based on our experience, the relevant factors often include:

  • Pelvic floor muscle tightness or weakness
  • Inability to activate the urogenital triangle (the muscles crucial for closing the urethra)
  • Excessive abdominal pressure during specific tasks
  • Frequent preemptive urination (“just in case” peeing)
  • Well-established patterns and habits (think Pavlovian conditioning)
  • Constipation
  • Inadequate or excessive hydration
  • An over-stimulated nervous system for the given situation
  • Previous surgery

We are committed to helping you regain control over your urinary incontinence and improving your quality of life.

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"Emily has greatly improved my life. I was frustrated with other PT 'specialists' who didn't make any impact on my issues. But with Emily's expertise, I was able to improve and I believe that the improvements will only continue in the coming months. I was so pleased with her therapy, that I've already recommended my mother visit her. Thanks Emily!"
- SR
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About the Doctor

Emily Wilson

With 13 years of experience in pelvic health, Dr. Emily brings a wealth of clinical knowledge to get to what matters faster. She offers compassionate care to adults, addressing a wide range of pelvic health conditions. Whether it’s optimizing your health before or after a hysterectomy, managing urinary incontinence, addressing bowel irregularities, dealing with pelvic organ prolapse or diastasis recti, or guiding you through pre and postnatal fitness, she is here for you.